Friday, May 7, 2010

Putting the Past Behind

I got my first ticket in Texas today. I evidently ran a red light in Burleson on April 17th which was my second meeting in Burleson. They sent me a picture and it's my car and I was driving. However, I do not remember the circumstances. I don't run red lights on purpose. It was a careless mistake but can't do anything about it today except pay the $75.00 ticket and be thankful that it does not go down on my drivers license and does not get reported to my insurance conpany.

I am reminded of how I often I can't remember what I have eaten if I don't write it down. Tracking is the only way that I can be sure I am eating the correct number of POINTS to maintain my weight loss. Just like the light that I can't remember, I can't always be sure of what I have eaten if it is not written down.

Tracking is one of the best ways to insure weight loss and weight maintenance. Right now I am disgusted with myself for having made a careless mistake. However, I am not going to go out and purposefully run another red light just because I ran one over a month ago.

Let's make sure that we don't slash all of our tires just because one is flat. If we have an "Oops" at breakfast, we can still have a "Wow" at lunch and dinner.

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