Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 11 Deprivation Is a Don't

Moderation Equation

I used to look with admiration,
On those who choose food deprivation.
I assumed a direct relation,
Between bikini bods and near starvation.

When I yield to temptation,
Chips quickly morph to thigh inflation.
Then I feel self- condemnation,
Anger, fear and frustration.

My meetings give me motivation,
And a lifestyle education.
I trust Weight Watchers’ information ,
So I can snack in moderation!

Friday, March 11, 2011

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Celebrate Success

If your friend stepped on the scale today
And lost just a smidgen, well what would you say?
“Nice job” or “yah” or “keep up the good work!”
Pat her on the back and give her a smirk.

Her shoulders would slump, her face in a frown

Even though she’s lost, she was still feeling down.
"But I tracked and I walked and it’s only .2
If this happens again I don’t know what I’ll do! "

We’d touch her arm, we’d know just what to say,

To lift her spirits and brighten her day.

But what about when it’s us with the frown?

We’re working hard, but still feeling down.
Do we give ourselves credit for how far we’ve come?
Or just dwell on the things that we haven’t yet done.
So next time it’s you with your shoulders slumped,
Just consider the milestones you’ve already jumped.

Reach over your shoulder and give it a pat,
You deserve it, you’re here and you’re not going back!