Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Girl Scout Cookie

We all know that scouting's a joy,
Good for every girl and good for every boy.

But the month of March, I must confess,
I like Scouting less and less.

The Girl Scout Cookies, friends, are here,
Into the boxes, I do LEER.

My little scout had a special zeal,
To win a prize was the promised deal.

100 boxes was her goal,
A nifty prize if all were sold.

And so I've cookies everywhere,
Under the table, behind the chair.

Some in the freezer and some in the mail.
I will NOT eat them. I will NOT fail!

But confidentially, between you and me,
I will be happy and so relieved to see.

The last box delivered and out of my sight.
Let the neighbors get fat. Let their clothes get tight.

It' just not worth it, my Weight Watchers friends.
"I choose to be thin" this poem ends!

Don't know who wrote this but it must have been a Mother to a Scout!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Last or Lost Opportunity for Dr. Oz Sign-Ups

Just wanted to share with you that February 26th is the LAST opportunity for you to sign-up and officially join the Dr. Oz Transformation Nation Contest.

It is the LAST opportunity and could be the LOST opportunity for you to win One Million Dollars. If you are interested, ask one of the receptionists or myself for an entry form.

The entire contest is not about the biggest weight loss, many other factors are considered …even how many people you have encouraged to join you in losing weight and becoming healthier!

A Cookie Won't Fix Everything

One day a member was caring for a friend's child. This friend and her husband were both very nutrition-conscious and seriously interested in health foods. During the course of the day, the friend's child fell and skinned his knee and came into the house in tears. Our member, without thinking, handed him a cookie and said, "Here! This will make it feel better." She turned away to get some first aid supplies and when she glanced back at the boy, she was surprised to see him holding the cookies on his bruised knee. With a forlorn look on his face he said, "My knee doesn't feel any better yet."

Author Unknown

A Limerick in Honor or Restraint

A common Meeting complaint:
It’s tough to eat out like a saint.
But you will be fine
When you go out to dine,
Just use a little restraint.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tips on Dining Out

Take the following quiz.  (Answers revealed on Saturday, February 18.)

1. You'll probably use fewer PointsPlus Values (PPV) in a day if you skip a meal and save up for your restaurant meal.  T or F

2. What is the best PPV pick for a before dinner drink? Cosmo, Martini, or Gin and Tonic

3. At a Mexican restaurant which is the lowest in PPV? Chicken Quesadilla, Beef Fajitas, Taco salad in shell with no dressing.

4. Which is the better partner for your bread. Butter or Olive Oil

5. Restaurant serve pasta in portions of 3 or 4 cups. What is the recommended serving size for pasta?

6. For dessert which of these items has the lowest PPV per serving? Carrot Cake, Creme Brulee, Cheesecake or Ice Cream

7. When having Chinese food, which is the lower in PPV? General Tso's Chicken or Sweet and Sour Chicken

8. Which of the following terms should be a Stop Sign at a restaurant? Scalloped, Poached, Roasted

9. Which of the following terms should be a Green Light at a restaurant? Au Gratin, Au Jus, Battered

10. What is your favorite "away from home" meal?

This entry counts as the entry for February 12 - 18. I am having some problems blogging from Sherman.


Though we don't know where we'll eat, how much, why, or when.
We can always try to track, just as long as there's a pen.

If you buy your lunch to go, you can track upon the bag.
If you buy a brand new shirt, you can track upon the tag.

You can track upon a napkin when you're sitting in a bar.
Put a post-it on your dashboard, and you'll track inside your car.

You can track on candy wrapper. Yes, that would be all right.
Or the wrapper from your straw when you're drinking Diet Sprite.

You can track inside a notebook, and here's an awesome tip:
You can track when at the bank on a cash deposit slip.

You can track in any store. Simply track on your receipt.
In the restroom you can track on a toilet paper sheet.

You can track on crumpled papers, in the pocket of your jacket.
In a diner you can track upon a little Splenda packet.

You can track upon a tissue before you blow your nose.
You'll be glad to know this poem is coming to a close.

When your day is almost over add the PointsPlus as a whole.
And you'll be really glad that you stayed in great control.
Posted on Connections by a Weight Watchers Leader:)