Friday, April 2, 2010

Judy's Jottings April 3 - April 9


April 4 - May 29

Bring a BUDDY to join with no Registration Fee!!!!

(Thank you to Leader Tammy for the following inspirational article.)

Who makes an AWESOME BUDDY?

Anyone you feel comfortable making the Journey with! It could be a spouse, a child, a neighbor, a member in your meeting, a co-worker, a best friend or a complete stranger from

Many members found their buddies right in the meeting room-It is so much more than just a weekly meeting, so many beautiful friendships got started just because two people made their weekly meeting a priority!

It's our buddies that can pick us up when we fall, cheer for us when we have reached a goal, and are there for us no matter what the reason.
If you are still taking this journey alone I hope this weeks meeting showed the importance of a having a buddy!

If you missed the meeting or you are still unsure what it takes to be a buddy, and the benefits of having a buddy here is a brief list of what went on in the meetings this week:

Someone for support & motivation
Someone to support & motivate
Someone to cheer you on & vice versa
Accountability to each other
Someone to inspire & be inspired by
Satisfaction of knowing you are helping each other succeed
A dose of healthy competition
Someone to enjoy the journey with

Someone with similar goals
Someone with a workable schedule
Someone with a similar level of commitment
Someone that has the ability to reinforce POSITIVE behavior and not be jealous of your success
It is hard to stay committed and motivated if your buddy is known to not stick with it!

As they say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; make sure the links to your weight loss team are strong!

Find people you can share your goals with-come up with a goal each week to aim for, share that goal with your buddy or buddies-this will keep you motivated because you have all made yourself accountable!

Reward Yourself! Part of the joy of working as a TEAM is sharing success!

Research has shown that those that have a buddy not only have more fun on the journey but they lose more weight and keep it off!

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