Friday, April 9, 2010

Judy's Jottings
April 11 - 17

Monitoring Yourself: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Experience from another leader: "After a recent hospital stay, my MIL was monitoring her Blood Pressure as requested by her Doctor. After repeated high readings we were all quite alarmed so the Dr insisted she come to the office. When I drove to pick her up I ask her to bring her BP device along with us so we could compare it to the Doctors.

What a relief! The device was VERY inaccurate . Even though her BP was slightly elevated it was probably because she was so stressed over what she THOUGHT it was!

This made me think about how we monitor or track on the food plan. I couldn't help but wonder about how well our "monitoring device" is working? We all know for a fact that Tracking is a key skill for success.

How do you MONITOR your food intake? What do you use for a Monitoring device? Clicker? Calculator? On line? 3 month journal? What else do you make note of? How could failing to monitor interfere with your success? How does tracking help?"

Thought for this week: Quitting won’t help you lose weight!

Next Week: Success Even on Weekends! I know I need this lesson. How about you?

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