Saturday, February 11, 2012


Though we don't know where we'll eat, how much, why, or when.
We can always try to track, just as long as there's a pen.

If you buy your lunch to go, you can track upon the bag.
If you buy a brand new shirt, you can track upon the tag.

You can track upon a napkin when you're sitting in a bar.
Put a post-it on your dashboard, and you'll track inside your car.

You can track on candy wrapper. Yes, that would be all right.
Or the wrapper from your straw when you're drinking Diet Sprite.

You can track inside a notebook, and here's an awesome tip:
You can track when at the bank on a cash deposit slip.

You can track in any store. Simply track on your receipt.
In the restroom you can track on a toilet paper sheet.

You can track on crumpled papers, in the pocket of your jacket.
In a diner you can track upon a little Splenda packet.

You can track upon a tissue before you blow your nose.
You'll be glad to know this poem is coming to a close.

When your day is almost over add the PointsPlus as a whole.
And you'll be really glad that you stayed in great control.
Posted on Connections by a Weight Watchers Leader:)

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