Saturday, July 9, 2011

What is a Sandwich?

What is a sandwich?
And what does it mean?
Two slices of bread
With food inbetween?

If that is the case
Why must we use bread?
Why not put veggies
Or fruit there instead?

A mushroom that’s sliced
In half down the middle
With hummus inside
Makes a sandwich that’s little.

Two cucumber slices
Sliced really skinny
With cream cheese between
Makes a sandwich that’s mini.

Or try guacamole
Between sliced zucchini
That is a sandwich
Although it is teeny.

Cut apple slices
Between them put brie.
The sandwich is small.
But you can have three.

And so ends the poem.
Each sandwich is nice.
And they’ll work well
For people or mice

These sandwiches might
Help a person reach goal.
And if you’re a mouse…
You’ll fit in your hole.

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