Saturday, June 5, 2010

Judy's Jottings June 6 - June 12

I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend. And now, it's JUNE! It's one of my favorite season and my favorite month. Maybe it is because for the past 12 years I have not had to go to school every day and deal with kids, parents, and teachers for most of the month of June. July is also a favorite for the same reason:)

Yes, I know it's busy. I know some of you have ballgames, reunions, vacations, and other events going on, but I urge you to come to meetings. Yes, summer CAN be a busy season. But, don't wait until "back to school" to get control of your weight! Don't procrastinate. If you can't attend on your regular meeting time, there is another meeting at another time in the area. Just go to the Weight Watchers' website and type in your zip code. It will tell you where there is another meeting for you.

The change of seasons is motivating to me! What needs to happen so that you get back that weight management "honeymoon feeling" in whatever might be hanging you up? Do you need to tweak your routine, adjust to a new summertime schedule, and NOT let your hard work on the program go down the drain?

Change could be overwhelming. Just as when we have a weight loss goal, it seems daunting if we think how far we might have to go. For me, I know I need to work out and get more activity in the summer months. I know I need to be at meetings because I need the weekly interaction. You need the meetings too. You can do this program. I can do this program. I'm willing to do what it takes for one more week!

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