Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lose For Good

Hi to all my WW Members,

I would like to keep up with how many pounds lost by the members in my meetings. This is such a special time to be able to lose weight not only for ourselves and for a lifetime, but to know that Weight Watchers is donation for every pound we lose.

Here are the results from August 28 - September 3

North Richland Hills Store - 56 lbs
The Forth Worth Transportation Authority - 6 lbs
North Richland Hills Store - 28.8 lbs
The City of Bedford - 16.4 lbs
Harris Methodist HEB - 20.8 lbs
GameStop - 19.2 lbs
Carter Bloodcare - 17.4 lbs
City of Euless - 19.4 lbs
Northwest Bible Church - 41.2 lbs
First United Methodist Church of Watauga - 38 lbs
First United Methodist Church Watauga - 10.8 lbs

Total for Week 1 is 274 lbs. Yea! Let challenge ourselves to make it more next week.

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